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Titania Bonham-Smythe on Radio 4 You & Yours

A palpable sense of excitement was buzzing in the air today as staff at the gift shop at Glastonbury Tor listened to You & Yours on Radio 4.

Chief Gatekeeper Titania Bonham-Smythe had sent an email regarding a recent unsuccessful book purchase on Amazon – known as Spamazon – and we are pleased to say that it was read out by Winifred Robinson.

Download the 38 second MP3 or listen to the full 41 minute You & Yours programme on the BBC website.

Flooding hits St. Michael’s Tower

Flooding hits St. Michael's TowerFreak floods that hit Somerset this week have put St. Michael’s Tower under 6 feet of water, creating hundreds of pounds in damage to this valuable ancient mystical landmark.

Visitors to St. Michael’s Tower that sits atop Glastonbury Tor have been warned to bring wellies, and with the BBC predicting higher than average rainfall for the next few days we can only wait and see if any damage has been left behind by the floodwater.