Glastonbury Tor may invert – emergency plans prepared

Scientists have known for some time that every 4.5 billion years the earth’s magnetic polarity reverses, and archaeological records indicate that the next flip is imminent.

But the metallurgy department at The Mystical University of Glastonbury have made the surprise discovery that because Glastonbury Tor is made of solid iron, when the next polarity reversal occurs the tor will realign itself, and invert.

They are unsure exactly how long the inversion will take, but best estimates put the speed at somewhere a snail’s pace and a brisk walk.

Artist's impression of Glastonbury Tor following inversionConcerned for public safety, the university has taken the unprecedented step of issuing a set of emergency plans to the National Trust explaining the action that should be taken to minimize risk. Most of the warnings relate to such things as cordoning off the area until the inversion is complete.

But historians are concerned about the possible increased risk of theft that might result from the proposal to place St. Michael’s Tower on wheels so it can be easily relocated to the top of the tor after the inversion.

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