Dogs to enjoy Glastonbury Tor more

Because Glastonbury Tor grew by 30 metres since 2001, many dog owners have expressed concern about the steep slope their pets must now endure when climbing from the National Trust gift shop at the base to St. Michael’s Tower at the top of the tor.

The Glastonbury Pilgrims Union has stepped in and donated thirty dog trolleys of various sizes that will allow people to still enjoy the tor with their pets, but without tiring them excessively.

Patricia Barnyard of the Glastonbury Dogwalker’s Trust is particularly happy; “This is a typically kind and generous gesture by the Pilgrims Union. The tor has become very steep lately and many dogs struggle to make it all the way to the top. With these trolleys dogs of all kinds can now be led by their owners to the top where they can enjoy the view with everyone else. It is worth noting that the trolleys are available on a first come first served basis, and they are mostly in smaller sizes. You may find a queue if you bring an Alsatian or Doberman for a walk on the tor. There is currently only one trolley that can transport a Great Dane in comfort.”

2 thoughts on “Dogs to enjoy Glastonbury Tor more

  1. Rambling Will Smile

    Truly the most enlightening writing to come out of Glastonbury so far. On a par with my own output (best compliment I could give.) Well done. I love you and laugh you very much.

  2. Mark Ty-Wharton

    I am moving to Glastonbury. Just discussing with my eight year old son if he will be allowed a dog. Decided to see if we could walk them on the Tor given that sheep are present. So wonderful to note that he will be able to carry his dog to the tower in a trolley. Recommend free helicopter rides for the over fifties. Or perhaps someone to hand out pep pills at the bottom and a defibrillator at the top? Do they do concessions for cats?


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