Local residents up in arms over Glastonbury Tor goldfish ban

New sign at Glastonbury Tor dog trolley queue banning goldfishThe National Trust gift shop at the base of Glastonbury Tor has become the battleground for yet another dispute over the rights of pet owners to use the dog trolleys.

Regular readers will know that the trolleys were donated by the Glastonbury Pilgrims Union last year to allow less able dogs to enjoy the view from the top of the tor. But after protests from owners of other pets, restrictions were eased over which pets were allowed to use the trolleys.

Last month, in a bid to ease queues for the trolleys, new rules were imposed that limit their use to mammals and some breeds of bird such as parakeets.

Owners of lizards and snakes have not complained about the ban because the permanent ice cap on top of Glastonbury Tor makes conditions uncomfortable for cold-blooded creatures.

But the many owners of goldfish affected by the ban are up in arms over what they regard as an affront to the personal freedoms previously enjoyed by their pets. Goldfish are historically important to the people of Glastonbury, appearing in the town’s coat of arms.

In an attempt to fight back against what they perceive to be an unfair limitation on the freedom of movement traditionally enjoyed by goldfishes the Glastonbury Pet Shop Consortium are asking residents of Glastonbury to display protest signs in their windows. You can download the goldfish protest sign here.

2 thoughts on “Local residents up in arms over Glastonbury Tor goldfish ban

  1. Rambling Will Smile

    I’ve been working on an invention that will be amusing for old dogs and bitches who manage to make it to the top of Glastonbury Tor – even basket cases. Your pet is harnessed to a solar-powered light-sail, which means he or she can dreamily or dramatically descend all the way to the White Springs (approximately, so far, on the prototype) hang-gliding. You remember my beautiful bouncy black staffie Ali? She really enjoyed the ride! RIP Ali, not many dogs get to fly off Glastonbury Tor.

  2. Matt Baker

    I don’t understand why they would impose a goldfish ban at Glastonbury Tor. It’s not as if they’re capable of defiling or damaging the place.


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