Second geophysics scan confirms 42 is Times New Roman

Torsion Bar Dynamics (TBD), the second geophysics company brought in to scan Glastonbury Tor have now completed their scan, with exciting results. TBD were brought in for their second opinion following the discovery on 4th February by Spordfield French Geophys Limited of an absolutely huge 42.

Cynics had dismissed the first scan, assuming it was a simple mistake, such as an imprint from dirty glass on a photocopying machine, with some even suggesting a hoax.

But the new geophysics scan has gone one stage further, said Barry Spright, chief scanner at TBD; “We performed two scans because we knew there would be close scrutiny of this exciting discovery. The main scan was essentially the same as that performed by Spordfield French earlier this month. We can confirm that the 42 exists, and is non-bold Times New Roman. The second scan was to establish what the 42 might be made from. We discovered that the 42 is actually composed of solid iron, just like the rest of Glastonbury Tor. It shows up on the geophysics scan because it is raised above the level of the regular iron mound that forms the tor by between one and two metres, and therefore protrudes into the subsoil.”

Visitors to the tor have always known that its solid iron composition makes metal detectors go wild. Sensitive devices can pick up the tor at a range of up to two miles.

The Time Team declined our request for a comment.

2 thoughts on “Second geophysics scan confirms 42 is Times New Roman

  1. chris holyoak

    One point I am not clear on, if extra iron deposits reached these levels of the Tor, would the 42 actually become larger? or merely evolve into a 43. More worringly, if the acid rain drifting from Bridgewater becomes worse could it seep into the Tor and erode our favourite number until a mere 41.

  2. Kevin Toastei

    as a precaution i would recommend uprooting the 42 and squaring it. The number thus achieved ( 1,764) would i am certain resist acid rain erosion for centuries if not millenia to come.
    Alternatively we could square root 42 ( 6.481to 3 decimal places) thus giving a much smaller number which could be protected with an umbrella or dug up and put on permanent display in the gift shop. Should people wish to see the 42 they could square 6.481and ignore the numbers after the decimal place.
    I hope that these suggestions will be carefully considered.


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